pakana services have won the Indigenous Land Management Award!

2019 Tasmanian Landcare Awards

This prestigious awards program acknowledges Landcare projects that are focused on sustainable farming, biodiversity and conservation, community and well being, Indigenous land management, Coastcare, youth participation and leadership.

pakana services have won the Indigenous Land Management Award!

pakana services is a non-profit social enterprise that reinvests all profits back into the company to further develop the working skills of Aboriginal Tasmanians. pakana services approach land and sea management tasks with an holistic and indigenous knowledge base. They specialise in natural resource management, with a focus on jobs like brush-cutting, weed control, fencing, tree planting, track maintenance and construction. pakana services begun through the initial efforts of a core group of people committed to getting tangible outcomes for the Aboriginal community. Their success is due to the dedication of pakana services staff, and the hard work of their manager John Easton.

pakana services use a number of modern land management methods while sharing knowledge of Aboriginal culture and techniques with the wider community. Stories such as these can help protect Aboriginal heritage and sites, and assist the wider community in recognising the importance of cultural areas and landscapes.

In Sept 2017 pakana services planted 70 threatened Miena Cider Gums and designed and installed grazing
exclusion cages at Cockatoo Hills to create an insurance population, in partnership with Highland Conservation Pty Ltd and with support from The Derwent Catchment Group (who provided the trees) and the Tas Landcare Fund. Two years on there has been a 98% tree survival rate! In 2014 they planted 7000 trees at five sites throughout the midlands and Derwent
Valley, as part of the ‘Environmental restoration in the southern midlands project’, engaged through the Southern
Midlands Council.

Congratulations pakana services!

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