Tree planting and revegetation

Revegetation is important in restoring the natural beauty and health of our natural landscape and so at pakana services we take every tree planting job very seriously.

From small to large scale, in coastal, rural and riverbank settings pakana services is experienced in a range of revegetation projects.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Whether you’re revegetating a large-scale wildlife corridor or just a small native garden we can deliver services from start to finish with an initial site inspection, ground preparation, planting, mulching and finally maintenance.

Our goal is to give every single tree planted the best chance to grow.

We use innovative techniques to maximise the survival chances of each seedling and juvenile tree planted. Some techniques include the use of small excavators, augers, mulch mats and tree guards, including possum and wallaby-proof guards if required.

We add nutrients to the ground and a naturally-derived plant tonic that acts as a wetting agent, helping water penetrate the ground to help the plant become established.

On each tree planting or revegetation project we are after a great outcome for everyone involved – our client, our team and the environment. It’s one of the ways we maximise our long-term goal of re-establishing vegetation into the Tasmanian landscape.

With training and experience in horticulture and conservation land management our team are well equipped to advise which native plants would best suit your project.


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