Environmental restoration in the Southern Midlands

Southern Midlands Council engaged pakana services from July to September 2014 to undertake environmental restoration works at five sites in Tasmania’s Southern Midlands and Derwent Valley. Specifically, pakana services undertook the planting of approximately 7000 native tree seedlings, inclusive of mulch mats and tree guards for each.

The pakana services work crews were punctual, hard working and always delivered to our expectations. Each seedling was planted neatly, with care, and in a manner that maximised the survival of the seedling.

The pakana team members appeared to appreciate the opportunity to work on restoration of ‘country’ and maintained a positive attitude and good productivity even when conditions were challenging.

We appreciated good lines of communication with pakana services management, team leaders and crew, and were always kept well informed of work programs and progress and any issues that required attention.

If the opportunity arose, we would not hesitate to engage pakana services again as we found them to be a competent outfit intent on delivering a good outcome.

Graham Green

Project Manager

 – Bushlinks 500 Project

North Bruny Biodiversity Fund Project

The understorey Network has engaged pakana services to do a range of on-ground environmental works including tree planting, weed control and nursery work. On all occasions the work has been undertaken professionally to a very high standard with great attention to detail.

Importantly the contractors have communicated well to raise any issues and to check that the work being carried out is as it should be. This also includes reporting back at the end of a job. I would not hesitate in recommending pakana services to anyone wishing to engage an environmental or land management contractor.

Oliver Strutt


 – Understorey Network

Help for conservation landowner battling gorse

Since recognising the major problem I had inherited with gorse some 12 years ago when I bought this property, I have been chipping away at it consistently and persistently, making modest and steady progress in dealing with this scourge.

My modest efforts, however, were dwarfed and eclipsed by the terrific progress made by the pakana team funded by a Landcare Grant I received last year. In three days their team of four managed to clear almost as much as I had on my own in the last 12 years!

Having done battle with the “enemy” myself, I have nothing but praise for, and am in awe of, their efforts and even if I’m unsuccessful in another grant round I’ll engage them again next year to continue the work.


Graham McLean

Landcare Biodiversity Grant recipient

 – Base Camp Tasmania

Making a difference

pakana services really is an idea whose time has come.
It’s been able to give Aboriginal people, who have maybe struggled to find work in the past, a chance to earn a living while learning new skills and working for a business that understands and cares about their situation. For many of them, finding work with pakana has made a real difference to their lives.

Rodney Dillon

chair of pakana services and former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Commissioner

Heathy Hills and Jordan River Nature Reserves

Threatened Plants Tasmania (Wildcare Inc) has employed pakana during 2015 for some very gnarly weed control work on two reserves, both containing threatened flora species. They have worked very successfully in consultation with the land managers and have done both a sensitive and very thorough job in removing the specified weed species, while leaving threatened species and other native vegetation in very good order. They have also worked very effectively to our required timing, and we have been really impressed with their attention to WHS issues. Thank you pakana, and we hope we can work with you again!

Viv Muller

Roadside Conservation Site Management Brighton

I have worked with pakana services over the past 3 years coordinating their activities across a range of grassland supporting threatened plant species.

pakana have constructed several new fences to a very high standard across challenging terrain.

They have also applied arrange of management techniques to remove various environmental weeds including hawthorn, gorse, and blackberry plus a number of herbaceous weeds.

pakana have also assisted with targeted control of declared grassy weeds such as Chilean needle grass and African lovegrass.

Some of these contracts have been undertaken at very short notice and to a high standard so that pakana continues to be the ‘go to’ weed management contractor for Department of State Growth targeted weed management work.

Andrew North

Principal Ecologist

 – North Barker Ecosystem Services

Land management and revegetation works with the Glenorchy city council

Glenorchy city council has engaged pakana services to undertake a variety of land management tasks on several occasions in recent years. Works have covered vegetation slashing, weed spraying, woody weed removals, tree felling, rubbish collection and removal, landscape plantings and vegetation plantings,

I have found pakana services to be a totally reliable business, easy to deal with and always performing tasks to a high standard. In my experience the staff at pakana services take pride in what they do and are excellent communicators, often providing feedback on job and potential issues that may impact on the sites they are working at.

Adam Muyt

environmental coordinator

 – Glenorchy City Council