pakana services offers a wide variety of horticultural and natural resource management services within a safety management framework.

These services include:

  • Natural resource management. bushland revegetation and restoration, Track construction and maintenance, protection of Aboriginal cultural sites, animal surveys, rubbish removal, site assessments
  • Specialist weed control services: we can provide advice and make recommendations for control and removal of invasive weeds. both chemical weed control and mechanical weed control
  • Garden maintenance: Mowing, trimming, garden beds construction and maintenance, pruning, and mulching.
  • Tree removal: safe and effective tree removal and tree lopping
  • Rural Fencing: hole drilling, light earthworks
  • Irrigation: set up and maintenance

pakana services is a safe and solid business, with workplace health and safety systems that comply with Work Cover Tasmania.

pakana services is fully insured and our experienced personnel have been trained to carry out a range of activities.

As an enterprise we derive income from trade, and all profits are reinvested back into pakana services to assist the local Indigenous community.

We will undertake any activity that will attract income and create employment opportunities for our people. Activities may include personnel being contracted to other organisations, landscaping, nursery work and property maintenance.

pakana service provides a range of value adding opportunities to organisations that employ our people on a regular basis.

Our rates are competitive and negotiable.