Brushcutting and reducing fire risk


Maintaining and managing vegetation can reduce the risk of fire and improve the aesthetics and value of your property.

With our range of large brushcutters we can get into the most cnt-brushcuttingdifficult of places, cut back tall grass, weeds and woody shrubs to reduce fire risk or clean up messy or overgrown parks, reserves, gardens, paddocks and roadsides.

We can clear areas in preparation for planting, fencing or other requirements.

Our team have horticultural skills and can brushcut in and around existing delicate structures, plantings, trees or shrubs, especially significant plants or natives that need to be retained untouched.

We can slash and contain long grass in the lead-up to fire seasons, remove and trim fire-prone vegetation, help reduce fire risks and promptly address any fire abatement notices identifying hazards on your property.

Our brushcutting and fire abatement team takes great care in mulching down vegetation as we go, further reducing fire hazards by minimising the amount of fuel left on the ground.

Whether you’re a council, a private land owner, community group or government agency, get in touch. We’re happy to quote on any brushcutting and reducing fire risk job, big or small.


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The Tasmania Fire Service has produced some guides that can help you identify and reduce your fire risk: