Our board

pakana services is an Aboriginal controlled and managed company with its own board. The board must have a minimum of three members, with the majority being Aboriginal.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, providing work and training for Aboriginal people in natural resource management, the pakana services board has a special role to play in supporting Aboriginal people trying to make a difference to their lives.

The pakana services board operates in an advisory manner and is a great way of contributing to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Being a board member does not take up a huge amount of time, meeting approximately six times a year and responding to occasional emails and phone calls.

We are currently seeking people with passion and commitment to become board members and help shape the future direction of our organisation. If this sounds like you please get in touch.

pakana services is a company limited by Guarantee.

For further information contact – John Easton, Manager, pakana services.