About us


pakana services was created to provide work and training for Indigenous Tasmanian’s in natural resource management, agriculture and other industry sectors with a focus on building skills through training and mentoring to strengthen opportunity for meaningful long term employment. 

pakana services has provided placements to more than 20 individuals, many of whom have had a history of long term unemployment, but following their placement with pakana services have gone on to find employment.

pakana services employees gain accreditation in technical skills such as:

  • Chainsaw operation
  • Brush cutting
  • Chemcert
  • White card
  • First aid
  • Weed control
  • Plant identification
  • Traffic management

In the years since pakana services started we have established a strong reputation as a business that can both provide opportunity for employees to learn whilst also providing customers with a high standard of work delivered safely and efficiently.

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