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pakana / noun / Aboriginal Tasmanian

pakana services is a non-profit social enterprise that reinvests all profits back into the company to further develop the working skills of Aboriginal Tasmanians.

Pakana services offers a wide variety of horticultural and natural resource management services within a safety management framework. These services include:

Mowing, trimming, maintenance of garden beds, edging, slashing of undeveloped open space, shrub, tree and herb planting, pruning, mulching, watering and irrigation maintenance, invasive weed control (both chemical weed control and mechanical weed control), light earthworks, hole drilling, bushland management, rubbish removal, fencing, traffic management, chainsaw operations (felling and cutting up fallen trees/limbs), natural area revegetation and restoration, site assessments, vegetation assessments, animal surveys, protection of Aboriginal cultural sites, track construction, leaf and debris removal.

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